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Rotbuchstrasse 16

8006 Zürich


+41 79 677 66 54

+41 43 268 96 01


Mon—Fri 10—19h

Sat 11—17h

Buying Mon—Fri 12—17h

Sat 11—16h

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Reservations by phone please

Parking available in front of the store


Is it true that you buy clothes?



So not on commission, I’ll get cash right away?

Exactly. You also have the option of choosing store credit instead of cash, in which case you will be credited 20% more than if you opt for cash. So if we were to buy things from you for CHF 50 in cash, you can also opt for shop credit in the amount of CHF 60. 


And how exactly does it work if I want to sell something?

Hang on, let us ask you a question first. 



To you, are clothes more than just a concession to the fact that it is not socially approved if you walk around naked? In other words: are you interested in fashion and materials, do you enjoy trends, is clothing also a statement for you?



Then you are in the right place! So, you come by with your laundered, nice-smelling, seasonal items (without an appointment and please no more than fits in one Ikea bag for your first visit), we look through everything and tell you what we want and how much we can pay for those items. If you agree, we have a deal. If not, then not - no hard feelings.


Okay, understood. Should I maybe call ahead anyway to ask if it is really true that you buy things for cash and whether I should just come by without an appointment? 

We’d rather you didn’t.


Can I negotiate?

When buying: about the price, yes. But we prefer to decide for ourselves whether a piece is right for us or not. When shopping: there is usually something that can be done for nice people.


Do you also take shoes?



Do you also take accessories?



Do you also take children’s clothes?



And it also says interior, do you also take interior items?



A bed, for instance?

No, only things you can carry yourself. Nice vases, rugs, blankets, pillows, candlesticks, that sort of thing. 


Do you also take men’s clothes?



Suits and business shirts?

No. We focus on casual everyday clothing.


What kind of clothes do you take exactly?

Anything that style- and fashion-conscious, contemporary, urban people find beautiful. 


I have a lot of very stylish unworn dresses by Desigual, Guess, Kookai, Ed Hardy, Michael Kors …



And really trendy stuff from Abercrombie & Fitch and Juicy Couture?



Somewhere in the basement I still have 25-year-old Miss Sixty bell-bottoms with a two-centimeter crotch, what about these?



My grandmother just died, should I bring her things over?

If your grandmother was Carine Roitfeld (WHAT, SHE DIED?!?), then with pleasure. Otherwise: no thank you. 


Do you also take Zara and H&M?



What are your favorite brands and labels?

In terms of style, Acne or Cos are good guidelines.


How much do I get for my items?

Basically you can expect to get around 10-20% of the original price. Sometimes we pay more when we really love something; sometimes a little less if we think that it would otherwise become too expensive or if it’s no longer in mint condition. Our selling price will then be three times what you got.


What, I only get so little? It’s almost new!

In most cases this is more than what you would get at a flea market. Otherwise see «Why is this so expensive? It's secondhand!».


Why is this so expensive? It’s secondhand!

See «What, I only get so little? It’s almost new!» 


When can I come by?

Anytime, without an appointment. However, during opening hours there’s a better chance of us being there also. (Buying Mon—Fri 12—17, Sat 11—16h)


We look forward to meeting you!


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